Institute for Certified Business Process Outsourcing

About Us

Institute for Certified BPO & Shared Services is an accredited body saddled with the responsibility of certifying Business, Outsourcing and Shared Service Professionals, with the vision to embrace innovation and thrive in the digital world. The Institute carries out both the study and examination windows online through a Learning Management System and this has enabled professionals from different works of life and locations to gain access to the Institute successfully.

Its program is designed to serve as a forum for members and intending members of the Institute to meet, interact and exchange ideas and opinions about practical Business and Shared Services challenges and experiences, to build industry leaders and to set industry standards for both the outsourcing profession and other related professions and stakeholders.

Indeed, a decision to certify will amount to taking hold of the future. This certification gives you the opportunity to become an Associate, Specialist, Expert, Manager and Fellow Member of the institute which would confer you with the acronym, BPA, BPS, BPE, BPM and FBP .

Membership gives you unlimited access to our research, in-depth reports, predictions, trends, and best practices that will keep you ahead in your industry. You will join a supportive community of resilient professionals, Share experience, learn from your peers, and find new opportunities.

Becoming a certified BPO is just the start of your learning and development with us. Being a member makes it easy to find a mentor and learn from their experience and with our continuing professional development program, you will acquire the skills and knowledge you need to enhance your career.

Hence, the reason why you should take hold of the future by taking the Business Process Outsourcing Certification now!!

Study Commencement Date : once you complete your registration


Study and Exam is Online

Exam Date : 4 month after registration

Upon confirmation of your interest to take this program and upon the completion of your registration, your login details to access the study pack will be sent to you via mail.

Kindly note that installment payment is allowed.

We hope to have you join other BPO professionals.

The Purpose mission is to elevate professionals by:

  • Setting industry standards.
  • Building a community of top nortch leaders .
  • Providing an independent assessment of standards through testing.
  • Supporting career paths through a flexible stackable credentialing framework.
  • Ensuring recognition for those who have earned the certification.
  • Recognizing continued professional development through certification maintenance.
  • Providing world-class credentials.